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The History Project

An introduction


History Project ~ Mission Statement

We study our past because without awareness of our history we have an incomplete present and a hazy future.  In this process we will honor the people and the times that gave birth to who we Unitarian Universalists are today.

We will lift up the memory of those who came before us—their daring ideals, and their shared loyalty to our liberal faith.  We will celebrate the hard work and wisdom that has been called forth to create liberal religious congregations in this Inland Valley, dedicated to keeping the flame of spiritual freedom alive..

Who we were in the early years still matters, who we are now matters, and who we will be matters.  Studying our roots will bring us closer together as we share a past that is so rich in history, and a future with renewed understanding and commitment.

The history project is a three year effort

The first year involved research and writing. The second year involved telling the stories of the Monte Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation and how it began. Year three will involve cataloging and preservation of  the historical documents.

The history project will end but the stories will continue to be told. The website has been updated with our written history.

This year, 2012, our congregation has celebrated its 60 anniversary in Montclair. To commemorate this anniversary the history project has presented an article every month in the MVUUC newsletter, The Encounter. A feature was added to each Sunday service entitled “History Spotlight” as a chronological telling of the history of Unitarians in the Pomona Valley. An Anniversary kickoff was held on Sunday January 8 in a service entitled “origins” which appropriately acknowledged the Indigenous people of the Pomona Valley. A walking tour has been organized in Pomona in conjunction with the Pomona Historical Society. A documentary entitled “A Light in the Valley” was created to tell our history in a visual form. Research and the collecting of stories and documents continue on.  A time capsule was created by the RE children and buried in a vent in the sanctuary in April. An Adult RE class was held in January to teach our history to members. Many items have been preserved and restored.

The History Project is working with a history writer in Alaska by the name of Steven Levi. He has asked permission to quote the MVUUC Encounter article on Walton Cole for his upcoming book on Cole.

The History Project is working with the Tongva tribe, providing references to documentation affirming their history found in a speech by Walton Cole.

Paul Mclure, of the San Dimas Westerners Historical Society "corral" (chapter ) has offered to do a clean printed copy of  the Walton  Cole speech and to make a CD of the speech for MVUUC and one for the historical records of the Westerners since it is an excellent document on Pomona Valley history.

The Encounter includes articles on the Pomona History and are now part of the Pomona Valley Historical Society collection of references.

The Walton Cole articles in the Encounter will be part of the Walton Cole Papers at the Honnold/Mudd Library in Claremont, CA.

The History Project will enter stories and the documentary into the UUA history contest this year.

A final 60th year celebration will take place in September to celebrate the talents of the present members of the congregation.